Welcome to Country-Bumpkins!

Are you a country bumpkin at heart? Come and have a look around our website, we really hope that you will find something of interest to you. This website is being developed all the time with the hope of becoming a one-stop-shop for Country living. There are wide range of things to look at from recipes to sewing projects, how to begin growing your own produce to even for those who are really adventurous, rearing animals. Hopefully fun and something of interest for everyone. We reallly welcome your feedback so please contact us via our twitter feed and feel free to get involved in our discussions.

What do you want to see on here?

We really want to make this site into an online magazine with relevant articles that you want to read. Obviously we are really love all things country and we want to share it with you. Please email Christina on christina@country-bumpkins.co.uk and let us know what you would like to see on here - whether thats interviews, other recipes or information about something we would absolutely love to here from you!

Family Food!

Check out our new recipe section! We are updating this section all the time, hope you will enjoy some of these. I am not a chef, just someone who has some amazing family recipes. They are all aimed to be comfort food and for the most part, things that you can make with produce from your own gardens or that are traditional English favourites.